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A well manicured waterfront helps to skyrocket your property values.

First impressions are everything, especially when it comes to selling your home.A well manicured waterfront helps to skyrocket your property values. You only get one chance to make an impact on your potential buyers and bring them through the front door. Sprucing up your curb appeal does more than just bring in buyers, though. Curb appeal also increases your home's resale value!

Whether you want to make high impact, significant changes, or just a few finishing touches, no matter how much money you invest in your landscaping projects, your return will be worth much more.

Quality mulch, a flagstone walkway, a few stone planters, flowering shrubs and a deciduous tree adds as much as $5,000 more to your home's sale price! Adding a few trees in the right places increases your home's value by around $7,000 and adds the benefit of lower utility bills. Who doesn't love a lower bill?

You can't put a price on adding an element of outdoor living, but adding a deck or patio to your home recoups at a rate of around 102%!

The cheapest project to do? Provide prospective buyers with a lush, barefoot-friendly lawn. Lawn maintenance including fertilization, aeration, weeding, and raking boasts an ROI of 303%. Can't go wrong with numbers like that!

Professional Waterfront Cleanup can give you a dazzling waterfront and help your property increase in value. Contact PWC today for a free estimate.