Common Florida Invasive Water Weeds

Common Florida Invasive Water Weeds

Florida is known for its stunning sparkling waterways, both on the coast and inland as well. Florida residents and visitors can enjoy many water activities such as boating, fishing, and water sports. If you live on a waterfront, you know the rewards are great, but it comes with more maintenance than a home that is not on the water.

The most significant part of maintaining a waterfront is trying to keep the weeds at bay. Invasive aquatic plants can quickly overtake a lakefront or canal. These plants are fast-growing and can choke off the fragile ecosystem. Out of control aquatic weeds and overtake a pier and boat dock and make it very difficult to maneuver a boat through the water.

One of the most challenging and stubborn aquatic weeds is the hydrilla. It can be found on every continent in the world except for Antarctica. Hydrilla can survive in almost any kind of freshwater environment. It submerges its roots on the bottom of the waterway, and the long stems can quickly grow to form clumps of leaves on the water’s surface. As the leaves grow, they connect and create a weblike pattern making it very difficult to control once they are allowed to grow wild. 

Another bothersome nuisance aquatic weed is the Fanwort. Found mostly in the southern part of the United States, this plant can become extremely dense in a matter of no time. It can create problems for wildlife and aquatic creatures by suffocating the plants they depend on to feed and survive. The best way to rid the waterways of this stubborn plant is aquatic herbicides throughout a few treatments. Doing this targets the problem plant and leaves the other plants and wildlife untouched. 

One of the most common invasive aquatic plants is the common Duckweed. This plant is found floating on patches or thick mats on top of the water, but the plant extends much further down and can prevent sunlight and oxygen from reaching other plants and wildlife. Improving the water circulation and even adding a fountain to the after can prevent it from growing. It is best to catch it before it becomes troublesome; however, herbicide treatment can help remove it from the waterway.

Invasive weeds in Florida’s waterways can become a problem if not maintained properly. It can cause costly damage to boats and docks. Cleaning them up and keeping a regular maintenance schedule helps prevent these troublesome plants from returning. Contact Professional Waterfront Cleanup for a FREE quote to clean up up your waterfront. 

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PWC does a great job with maintaining our waterfront. They are very dependable and have been providing exceptional service for over two years now.

Sherri Kauker
March 3, 2019


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