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A well manicured waterfront helps to skyrocket your property values.

First impressions are everything, especially when it comes to selling your home.A well manicured waterfront helps to skyrocket your property values. You only get one chance to make an impact on your potential buyers and bring them through the front door. Sprucing up your curb appeal does more than just bring in buyers, though. Curb appeal also increases your home's resale value!

Whether you want to make high impact, significant changes, or just a few finishing touches, no matter how much money you invest in your landscaping projects, your return will be worth much more.

Quality mulch, a flagstone walkway, a few stone planters, flowering shrubs and a deciduous tree adds as much as $5,000 more to your home's sale price! Adding a few trees in the right places increases your home's value by around $7,000 and adds the benefit of lower utility bills. Who doesn't love a lower bill?

You can't put a price on adding an element of outdoor living, but adding a deck or patio to your home recoups at a rate of around 102%!

The cheapest project to do? Provide prospective buyers with a lush, barefoot-friendly lawn. Lawn maintenance including fertilization, aeration, weeding, and raking boasts an ROI of 303%. Can't go wrong with numbers like that!

Professional Waterfront Cleanup can give you a dazzling waterfront and help your property increase in value. Contact PWC today for a free estimate. 


Add some Spring bling to your waterfront.

The birds are singing, butterflies are fluttering, and flowers are budding up out of the Earth. Add flowers to your waterfront. The air is warm, and Spring is finally here! For months the grass has been brown and not a colorful blossom in sight. Now is the time to dust off your garden tools and turn your landscape into blooming works of art. There is also a beautiful potential for a gorgeous spring scenery if you are lucky enough to live on a waterfront.

A Florida waterfront has the potential to be a lush tropical garden that attracts stunning wildlife and creates a habit for an array of different aquatic species.

Consider adding Canna, Duck Potato, or Pickleweed to create a variety of flowers to your waterside garden. The bright colors of the flowers will attract whimsical butterflies, bumblebees, and hummingbirds for a relaxing and enchanting waterside paradise.

Consider immersed plants to create an intricate oasis and home for a variety of aquatic species. Plants such as Tape Grass, Illinois Pondweed, and the free-floating Coontail are the perfect environment for many different kinds of wildlife.

Adding the right amount and kinds of aquatic plants to your waterfront will help provide oxygen, nourishment, and shelter for all kinds of amazing creatures will also giving you a stunning lakeside getaway. Read more about all the plant life that PWC can add to your waterfront. 


Why are retention ponds so prevalent in Florida?

By: Nicole Stevens

Florida, known as the Sunshine State, has a notoriously rainy wet season. Retention Ponds In Florida

Anyone who's lived in Florida long enough can tell you, late summer and early fall brings record-breaking rainfalls each year. On average, a wet season in Florida can bring 70 inches of rain! With all that rain water, where does it all go? Florida is prevalent with retention ponds for this very reason. Without the help of all these retention ponds, hurricane season could be much more problematic than it already can be.

Ever expanding subdivisions and residential areas can be hit the hardest if there are no retention ponds present. Much of these areas have impermeable surfaces and would have nowhere for storm water to runoff too. This would induce flooding and cause other issues such as problems with the sewage lines. It's becoming a requirement in newly built neighborhoods to include a retention pond.

The main purpose of the retention ponds is to hold onto the storm runoff or any kind of runoff in general and release the water at various flow rates. The water is naturally processed without additional equipment when in a retention pond, and also improves the water quality.

Other positives that come alongside the addition of a retention pond are the new habitats are created, such as homes for various fish and amphibians, even ducks and other forms of wildlife.

All in all, retention ponds in Florida are incredibly important to the growing population and construction throughout the state. It keeps everything around it safe and dry while it constantly stays full and wet!


Can a clean waterfront help keep snakes and alligators away?

Like every other living creature on the planet, snakes and alligators seek a steady food supply and safe shelter. So, it only makes sense that to control the presence of snakes and alligators near your waterfront, sources of food and shelter must be controlled first. Can a clean waterfront help keep snakes and alligators away?

Snakes and alligators love to find shelter in areas with excess weeds, vegetation, and piles of debris. These areas also double as an excellent hiding spot for small rodents, which make them an ideal source of food.

Clean waterfronts provide extra protection by helping us see snakes or alligators before we get too close to them. Clean waterfronts also make waterways much more navigable and provide added protection for beneficial wildlife to flourish. Overgrown waterfronts choke the life out of native wildlife and threaten our fragile ecosystem.

Ideally, a well-kept waterfront provides a safe and healthy environment for everyone and lets us enjoy everything nature has to offer from a safe distance, away from danger. Professional Waterfront Cleanup can give you peace of mind by cleaning up your waterfront to make it safe and enjoyable for everyone.  


Five secrets to enjoy your backyard canal.

If you're the lucky owner of land with a backyard canal, you know the enjoyment that comes from living near wildlife and the wealth of flora and fauna that are truly a splendor to behold. Secrets to enjoy your backyard canal.

If your backyard canal is overgrown or filled with muck, however, you probably want to discover ways to improve your canal and make the canal more navigable.

Here are five little-known secrets of successful canals and how to enjoy your backyard canal:

1. Improve your water quality - If you enjoy taking your boat out onto your backyard canal, you know you have to use caution to navigate around the amount of muck in the water body. Muck is comprised of sediments that form at the bottom of a body of water. The more muck your water has, the greater impact it has on the water quality. Having your canal dredged removes the sediment and dramatically improves your water quality.

2. Make life more enjoyable for your four-legged, winged and gilled friends - Landowners living on a well-kept canal often enjoy glimpses of wildlife kept hidden from the hustle and bustle of life elsewhere. From alligators to turtles, catfish, carp, squirrels, rabbits, deer, an abundance of spectacular birds and even the occasional bobcat love to sun on the banks of a good canal and find life in it's flowing waters. But if a canal becomes too overgrown, or unkempt, these naturally wonderful "friends" seek solemn elsewhere, in easier to navigate water bodies.

3. Give life to healthy, rare aquatic plants - "weed" out the rest. - Dredging your canal encourages the growth of rare aquatic plants while weeding out "junk." Overgrowth of reeds, for example, dominates a canal and suffocates important aquatic plant life. A dredged, clean canal gives ideal conditions for important aquatic plants to thrive.

4. Keep boating the way it was meant to be - relaxing. - Navigating through thick underbrush and muck wasn't exactly what Jimmy Buffet was singing about when he wrote all those songs about boating. Because Jimmy Buffet knew that at its core, boating was meant to be fun and relaxing! And, what's a good body of water for if not to put a boat in? So, change your latitude and change your latitude by having your canal clean and ready for when the mood strikes.

5. Keep your water happy, and your neighbors happy - a well-designed canal dredging project is conducted using studies, surveys and inspections to develop a solution that is feasible and works well with your community. Inaccessible or challenging areas are reached with minimal disruption to surrounding property and in less time with less money than alternative solutions.

Professional Waterfront Cleanup can help you achieve a stunning canal front, click here for a free quote to get started.