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  • Danielle Beliveau Magamoll

8 months ago

Great professional work !

  • jodi lake

9 months ago

Fantastic service! Always on time! Very professional. Can’t beat the customer service! Would recommend to everyone????????

  • Mandy Hampson

10 months ago

PWC has been maintaining my lakefront for a few years now and wanted to express my appreciation for their hard work. It’s nice always being able to enjoy our property and our view

  • Sherri Kauker

11 months ago

PWC does a great job with maintaining our waterfront. They are very dependable and have been providing exceptional service for over two years now.

  • Tiffany Beighley Archambault

1 year ago

We’ve been using Clay and his company for over 5 years now I think- everything is always beautiful when they’re through. Great work-

  • Shawna Bruner

1 year ago

Excellent job! More important than that, the professionalism every one of the team showed was great. From the first call to the last I felt like I was their only customer! The before and after is breathtaking.

  • Joan Seidman

1 year ago

PWC was at my house on Lake Minnehaha in Clermont the last two days. They did an exceptional job! They were thorough, professional, very detail oriented and extremely hard workers. I had a very large section of very thick grass along my shore line. The crew removed every piece of grass, even the small stragglers that were left after the larger removal. I would highly recommend this company and the great men that work for PWC.

  • Joe Sheppard

2 years ago

Colton & Brandon made their monthly PWC service visit yesterday. When I arrived the site, they were already working the shoreline and obviously had been for some time as they were close to being finished. They explained very professionally and respectfully the process of their visit and how they would be spraying after the cleanup. I had to leave the site again for an afternoon meeting returning about an hour later, and your men were gone.They left a service report detailing/documenting the services rendered. Excellent job. The shoreline looks fantastic. We couldn't be happier that you have these guys on your team and that we chose PWC for our cleanup. In the competitive service business world, PWC is way out in the lead with front line employee customer service skills.

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  • Pat Arnold

4 years ago

Professional Waterfront Cleanup did a great job assessing, clearing & maintaining our lakefront and are knowledgeable about state regulations. However after using them for years, they recently, abruptly dropped us as customers. Without contact, returning phone calls or providing notice, they've ended our business relationship, apparently because we asked the local FWC agent about a neighbor's waterfront project where PWC equipment was being used. Our disappointment with their response (or rather lack of one when we've initiated contact) and the way they abruptly ended our monthly service leads us to question their 'professionalism". Our 5 star satisfaction has dropped to this 3 star use-with-caution review.

  • D. Stokes

5 years ago

With little notice given to Clay at Professional Waterfront Cleanup (PWC), I requested his help in clearing my home's lakefront and staining my dock, boathouse and decks in preparation for a wedding that was just a few days away. He responded quickly, evaluated the job thoroughly and patiently explained his approach while answering my questions. He expediently provided a reasonable quote and told me that he could complete the job on or before my deadline. His team started immediately. They were punctual, courteous, safety-minded and conscientious about protecting my home, boat and landscape. They quickly earned my confidence, respect and trust. Despite the short time frame and the daily thunderstorms, Clay and his team exceeded my expectations and accomplished the goal one day early. It's obvious that Clay cares about providing extraordinary value and care to his customers.

In Person
  • Fred & Susan Rohrdanz

5 years ago

For the past several years PWC has beautified the lakefront at our home. As wonderful as their results continue to be, their personal attention and courteous service are their most important assets! Thank you PWC!

In Person
  • Florence Huffman

5 years ago

I have had PWC taking care of my lakefront for the past six years and have been extremely satisfied with their services. There are basically three requirements I look for if I wish to continue have someone work for me over a long period of time. First: I would like for them to have a good moral character. Second: I want them to be honest in what they charge for their services. Third: I want to be able to trust and depend on them when needed. In my opinion, Clay Bell, the owner of PWC, meets these requirements and I would not hesitate to refer him to anyone that may need his services.

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  • Ellie McCullars

5 years ago

I recently had work done by PWC (Professional Waterfront Cleanup) and have rarely worked with such professional, well mannered, hard working and thoughtful young men. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing a yard cleanup, canal or canal banks weeded, dock rebuilt, etc. Clay Bell should soon have a thriving business with the service he offers.

In Person
  • Stephanie Coffer

5 years ago

Wow! I would have never believed how big a difference it would make on our view of the lake! Our backyard is absolutely beautiful and the waters edge and our boat basin are actually usable now. Thank you so much for all your hard work removing weeds, cleaning our dock and basically giving us back our wonderful view of Lake Harris. It is a pleasure to walk along the lake and not have to worry about a "gator" hiding in the weeds!..........................and best of all, you not only use products that are kind to the environment but, you got the job done in a timely manner for a very fair price!

In Person
  • JK Branch

5 years ago

Clay and his team of professionals at Professional Waterfront Cleanup (PWC) did an outstanding job on our lakefront. The staff were punctual, courteous and completely trustworthy. They went beyond the scope of what was asked of them, doing little extras, and > their professional suggestions significantly enhanced the beauty of our lakefront. Our lakefront was a difficult task, having been essentially neglected for many years. We are extremely pleased with PWC and look forward to doing future business with them.

In Person
  • Michael David

5 years ago

If you have a million dollar view, why not see it? My lakefront property was blinded by cattails and other invasive, non-native plant material. I could not see past the shoreline. In researching my options, I came across Professional Waterfront Cleanup (PWC). Clay Bell came by and assessed my problem. His proposal was complete and reasonably priced. I further liked the fact that he consults with the State of Florida and complies with all environmental regulations. Clay and his team did a phenomenal job of eradicating and removing all unwanted plant material. I now have my million dollar view back and am extremely pleased with the great work of PWC. Thanks Clay for a job well done!

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