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  • Adams Nehemiah

1 year ago

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  • Tim Cabral

2 years ago

We hired PWC for an extensive clearing in our Lake and they did an incredible job! They come once a month to perform regular maintenance and our lake area has been weed free since the day they originally cleared it out. Very Professional! Would highly recommend them to anyone in need of having their lake view back!

  • Maria Tovar-Caruso

2 years ago

Thank you so much to PWC for the amazing work done in our lake, working hard for the past 6 months. Finally we can sit and enjoy the lake view! Amazing company, Amazing staff, 100% recommend. Maria T Caruso

  • chris sanders

3 years ago

Awesome team to work with. They did a great job cleaning up our lake front.

  • jodi lake

4 years ago

Fantastic service! Always on time! Very professional. Can’t beat the customer service! Would recommend to everyone????????

  • Mandy Hampson

4 years ago

PWC has been maintaining my lakefront for a few years now and wanted to express my appreciation for their hard work. It’s nice always being able to enjoy our property and our view

  • Sherri Kauker

4 years ago

PWC does a great job with maintaining our waterfront. They are very dependable and have been providing exceptional service for over two years now.

  • Tiffany Beighley Archambault

4 years ago

We’ve been using Clay and his company for over 5 years now I think- everything is always beautiful when they’re through. Great work-

  • Joan Seidman

5 years ago

PWC was at my house on Lake Minnehaha in Clermont the last two days. They did an exceptional job! They were thorough, professional, very detail oriented and extremely hard workers. I had a very large section of very thick grass along my shore line. The crew removed every piece of grass, even the small stragglers that were left after the larger removal. I would highly recommend this company and the great men that work for PWC.

  • Pat Arnold

8 years ago

Professional Waterfront Cleanup did a great job assessing, clearing & maintaining our lakefront and are knowledgeable about state regulations. However after using them for years, they recently, abruptly dropped us as customers. Without contact, returning phone calls or providing notice, they've ended our business relationship, apparently because we asked the local FWC agent about a neighbor's waterfront project where PWC equipment was being used. Our disappointment with their response (or rather lack of one when we've initiated contact) and the way they abruptly ended our monthly service leads us to question their 'professionalism". Our 5 star satisfaction has dropped to this 3 star use-with-caution review.


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