Golf Courses

Golf Courses

Golf is a huge past time enjoyed by Florida residents of all ages, all year long. Players expect pristine landscape and rolling hills of beautifully manicured scenery when they experience their favorite pastime. Because of the many golf courses throughout Central Florida, owners must keep it competitive to make their clients happy and safe.

Every golf course pond in Central Florida is in a continuous process the moment they made it. Unwanted plant life and organic matter travel to the bottom of your pond, which will later turn into muck. It isn't very inviting to golf course players and can even make playing the game dangerous. Muck contains harmful toxins that will infect your water, resulting in unwanted pathogens and out of control weed growth.

Professional Waterfront Cleanup will remove all potentially harmful matter restoring your golf course pond to its original condition.

After cleaning and restoring your pond to their original luster, the team at PWC brings in locally grown plants and flowers. These plants and flowers not only improve the look but helps the tiny ecosystem thrive and stay beautiful and clean. We make sure no unwanted hazards lurk in and around the waters to keep everything up to par.

Lakes & Ponds

Lakes & Ponds

A lakeside view is a highly sought after commodity here in the heart of Central Florida. Keeping your lake or pond clean and beautiful is more involved than just landscaping. It must stay clear of weeds and debris to prevent unseen health hazards. It doesn't take long for the shores to become overgrown, becoming a safety issue for anyone who goes near them.

The team at Professional Waterfront clean up has many years of experience of lakefront cleaning and pond cleaning all over Central Florida. You name it, we've seen it and cleaned it! We know in our busy lives some things can go overlooked, such as keeping your lake maintained. No job is too big or small for the crew at PWC. We pay special attention to detail, making sure you can enjoy your lakeside view all year long.

Keeping your lakes and ponds clean is an essential service when it comes to maintaining your property value. A fresh lake or pond keeps your family safe from pathogens and stopping toxic gases from building up. The aquatic weeds, like duckweed, that build up on your waterfront can be unsightly and create a hazard. The only solution is to remove this unwanted plant life from the bottom of our waterways, restoring our ponds and lakes to their original condition.

Serving the Orlando metropolitan area, Professional Waterfront Cleanup performs aquatic spraying and debris cleanup on your lakefront or pond. We can give you that picture-perfect image back in no time.

Leave the dirty work to the expert team at PWC and give us a call today!

Marinas & Boat Slips

Marinas & Boat Slips

Spending time relaxing and fishing on the lake is a pastime enjoyed by people all over Florida. We take pride in our stunning waterways and mesmerizing lakeside views. Boat owners spend many weekends riding the waters and know first hand how costly boat repairs can be. Boat slips and marinas should be well maintained not only for safety, code requirements, and appeal but also to prevent expensive damage to the boats. Tall overgrown weeds and vegetation can damage a boat in no time.

Marinas and boat slips require a certain depth for boats to be able to pass through them safely. They also require that all dangerous and overgrown weeds and plant life is out of the way as well. Professional Waterfront Cleanup can perform weed removal as well as other unnecessary vegetation and sediment from your marina or boat slip, allowing easier access to boats.

The certified crew at PWC are ready to tackle any marina or boat slip that has been neglected. We stay up to date on the latest codes and requirements and are experts on the local aquatic vegetation and wildlife. We remove all weeds and clear the bottom of muck and debris, so you don't have to worry about dangerous creatures that hide within them. We also repair boat docks in disarray, making sure they are stable, secure, safe, and beautiful.

Retention Ponds

Retention Ponds

Stormwater retention ponds are an essential part of water management in Florida. The water runoff from storm drains keeps roads and parking lots from flooding in heavy rains. Stormwater retention ponds that fill up with aquatic weeds, trash, and sediment, hinder the collection of that rain runoff, potentially causing a flooding problem.

Not only is an overgrown retention pond an eyesore, but it can also become a safety issue. Garbage, debris, and overgrown weeds can collect and prevent excess rainwater from draining into it. In turn, streets, sidewalks, and yards can become flooded, creating damage and pose a risk to public safety. A neglected retention pond is also a fertile breeding ground for snakes, mosquitoes and yes even alligators!

Have Professional Waterfront Cleanup come out for a free estimate on stormwater pond cleaning and keep the water flowing. We remove all unwanted plant life, debris, sediment, and trash, making sure it drains properly and does its job.

Municipalities and government agencies tasked with the cleanup and maintenance of city and county stormwater retention ponds, basins and runoffs need to be sure they are utilizing a reliable and licensed contractor. With an ever-increasing population in Florida, aquatic weed and plant management issues need to be addressed to reduce the negative impact on Florida's natural beauty and resources.

Choosing to contract with Professional Waterfront Cleanup – a fully State of Florida licensed contractor benefits Florida's natural resources by first assessing the on-site aquatic weed and plant management needs of each area, providing specific environmentally safe and effective herbicide applications and removal of debris. Also, each area is maintained upon request.

PWC also specializes in the clearing and cleaning out of stormwater retention ponds, basins, and runoffs. In Florida, stormwater retention ponds play a vital role by preventing flooding and erosion. Stormwater retention ponds improve the quality of local canals, rivers, lakes, and ponds. It is essential that the government agencies responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of these areas ensure that they remain clear and able to retain water. By law, in most cases, they are required to stay clear for safety reasons as well as environmental protection.

Tree Trimming

Central Florida is known for the beautiful palm trees and the long Spanish moss that adorns Southern Live Oaks and Cypress trees. Your lakeside retreat should be attractive and scenic, but if trees are overgrown, there isn't much to see. Wetlands should have the right balance of trees and plant life.

Trees are a beautiful addition to the shores of our Florida waterways. They are vital to the delicate aquatic ecosystem, and some can grow to be very old. Like with all trees, over time they will become overgrown, blocking your view to your waterfront. Some old limbs become a safety hazard as they hover over pathways or docks.

Professional Waterfront Cleanup trims and prunes your trees to promote stronger, healthier tree growth while giving you back your scenic lake view. We keep your view and the welfare of the trees and wildlife in mind. We pride ourselves in achieving a natural look to the trees so you can be proud of your lakeside paradise.


Florida's diverse array of species of plant and animal life can be attributed to our incredible wetlands. Wetlands are in a transitional state between terrestrial and aquatic systems. Florida is peppered with them, and without them, we would lose many of the unique and unusual creatures we've come to love. Life in the wetlands depends on the delicate balance of its ecosystem and a complex food chain. It is estimated that 45% of all wetland species are endangered and will continue to be if their homes keep shrinking. Wetlands also support migratory birds during their long journeys in the winter. At Professional Waterfront clean up, we value these beautiful aquatic areas and aim to keep them in their natural state.

Professional Waterfront Cleanup can create, maintain, restore, and protect our Florida wetlands with eco-friendly aquatic sprays that are all within the framework of government regulation. Our team can clean the overgrown weeds and foreign debris that may be choking the native wildlife and create a stunning natural environment to keep it thriving.

If you have wetlands on your property that have become overgrown and unmanageable, give the crew at Professional Waterfront Cleanup a call today!

Bush Hogging & Land Clearing

Bush Hogging & Land Clearing

Does your yard have unwanted hills or dips? Is rainwater getting too close to your foundation? Do you have overgrown, unkempt property needing a cleanup? 

Professional Waterfront Cleanup can help with all of this! The state-of-the-art equipment PWC utilizes to maintain waterways throughout Florida can also be used for land grading and clearing as well as bush hogging.

Professional Waterfront Cleanup contractors can help grade and level your land for better drainage, as well as providing a flat, even surface for things like new driveways, concrete pads, and outdoor sheds. We can also provide grading services, making sure rainwater moves away from the foundations of buildings on your property.

And if you have land that has any shrubbery, brush, wild bushes, and overgrown grass and vegetation, PWC can help remove all that. Our loader work will remove brush, unwanted trees, and other debris. There's a lot more that goes into bush hogging than hopping on a tractor, you need to for sure what you're tearing down, and cutting is safe for the surrounding landscape. We pay close attention to detail and will make sure your property is clear of unsightly brush and other vegetation in addition to any waterfronts!

Professional Waterfront Cleanup did a great job assessing, clearing & maintaining our lakefront and are knowledgeable about state regulations. However after using them for years, they recently, abruptly dropped us as customers. Without contact, returning phone calls or providing notice, they've ended our business relationship, apparently because we asked the local FWC agent about a neighbor's waterfront project where PWC equipment was being used. Our disappointment with their response (or rather lack of one when we've initiated contact) and the way they abruptly ended our monthly service leads us to question their 'professionalism". Our 5 star satisfaction has dropped to this 3 star use-with-caution review.

Pat Arnold
October 19, 2015


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