Add some Spring bling to your waterfront.

The birds are singing, butterflies are fluttering, and flowers are budding up out of the Earth.  The air is warm, and Spring is finally here! For months the grass has been brown and not a colorful blossom in sight. Now is the time to dust off your garden tools and turn your landscape into blooming works of art. There is also a beautiful potential for a gorgeous spring scenery if you are lucky enough to live on a waterfront.

A Florida waterfront has the potential to be a lush tropical garden that attracts stunning wildlife and creates a habit for an array of different aquatic species.

Consider adding Canna, Duck Potato, or Pickleweed to create a variety of flowers to your waterside garden. The bright colors of the flowers will attract whimsical butterflies, bumblebees, and hummingbirds for a relaxing and enchanting waterside paradise.

Consider immersed plants to create an intricate oasis and home for a variety of aquatic species. Plants such as Tape Grass, Illinois Pondweed, and the free-floating Coontail are the perfect environment for many different kinds of wildlife.

Adding the right amount and kinds of aquatic plants to your waterfront will help provide oxygen, nourishment, and shelter for all kinds of amazing creatures will also giving you a stunning lakeside getaway. Read more about all the plant life that PWC can add to your waterfront. 

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We’ve been using Clay and his company for over 5 years now I think- everything is always beautiful when they’re through. Great work-

Tiffany Beighley Archambault
December 29, 2018


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