Alligator Hunting Season: What you need to know.

Alligator Hunting Season: What you need to know.

Note: Alligator hunters are responsible for reading and complying with all provisions of Commission rules. Those rules can be found at and clicking on“Alligator Regulations.”

How can I hunt?

Hunters need an alligator trapping license/harvest permit, which costs $272 for residents, $22 for

those possessing a Florida Resident Persons with Disabilities Hunting and Fishing License, and $1,022

for nonresidents. This license comes with 2 hide validation (CITES) tags and allows for the take of 2

alligators. Applicants must be at least 18­years­old by Aug. 15, 2016, and have a valid credit or

debit card to apply. You may submit your application at, county tax

collectors’ offices and most retail outlets that sell hunting and fishing supplies during these

application periods.

Where can I hunt?

You may apply for a county­wide alligator trapping license in 65 of Florida’s 67 counties.County-

wide licenses are not available for Miami­Dade and Monroe counties.

If you are awarded this type of

license, it will allow you to hunt alligators in most public bodies of water within that particular

county. Public bodies of water can be accessed by public boat landings/launches. With this type

license, you may also hunt any private ponds or lakes within that county, where you are given

permission from the landowner.

When can I hunt?

The statewide recreational alligator hunting season always runs Aug. 15 – Nov. 1 each year. And

depending on what harvest period you draw, you will be allowed to hunt one of the first 4 weeks

and the remaining 7 weeks of the season.

What can I use to hunt?

Legal methods for hunting alligators are limited to bows and crossbows, gigs, spears, harpoons and

spearguns. All points used in any of the above methods of take must be attached to a restraining

line and should be capable of fully penetrating an alligator’s thick hide and that won’t come out

when you pull back against the alligator. Explosive or drug ­injecting tips are not allowed.

Where can I find more information?

FWC has published a highly detailed booklet for Florida’s 2016 Alligator Hunting Season. It

includes tips on breeds, methods, equipment, rules, laws, and handling the meat. Click HERE to see the entire publication.

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Wow! I would have never believed how big a difference it would make on our view of the lake! Our backyard is absolutely beautiful and the waters edge and our boat basin are actually usable now. Thank you so much for all your hard work removing weeds, cleaning our dock and basically giving us back our wonderful view of Lake Harris. It is a pleasure to walk along the lake and not have to worry about a "gator" hiding in the weeds!..........................and best of all, you not only use products that are kind to the environment but, you got the job done in a timely manner for a very fair price!

Stephanie Coffer
September 11, 2014


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