Five secrets to enjoy your backyard canal.

If you're the lucky owner of land with a backyard canal, you know the enjoyment that comes from living near wildlife and the wealth of flora and fauna that are truly a splendor to behold. 

If your backyard canal is overgrown or filled with muck, however, you probably want to discover ways to improve your canal and make the canal more navigable.

Here are five little-known secrets of successful canals and how to enjoy your backyard canal:

1. Improve your water quality - If you enjoy taking your boat out onto your backyard canal, you know you have to use caution to navigate around the amount of muck in the water body. Muck is comprised of sediments that form at the bottom of a body of water. The more muck your water has, the greater impact it has on the water quality. Having your canal dredged removes the sediment and dramatically improves your water quality.

2. Make life more enjoyable for your four-legged, winged and gilled friends - Landowners living on a well-kept canal often enjoy glimpses of wildlife kept hidden from the hustle and bustle of life elsewhere. From alligators to turtles, catfish, carp, squirrels, rabbits, deer, an abundance of spectacular birds and even the occasional bobcat love to sun on the banks of a good canal and find life in it's flowing waters. But if a canal becomes too overgrown, or unkempt, these naturally wonderful "friends" seek solemn elsewhere, in easier to navigate water bodies.

3. Give life to healthy, rare aquatic plants - "weed" out the rest. - Dredging your canal encourages the growth of rare aquatic plants while weeding out "junk." Overgrowth of reeds, for example, dominates a canal and suffocates important aquatic plant life. A dredged, clean canal gives ideal conditions for important aquatic plants to thrive.

4. Keep boating the way it was meant to be - relaxing. - Navigating through thick underbrush and muck wasn't exactly what Jimmy Buffet was singing about when he wrote all those songs about boating. Because Jimmy Buffet knew that at its core, boating was meant to be fun and relaxing! And, what's a good body of water for if not to put a boat in? So, change your latitude and change your latitude by having your canal clean and ready for when the mood strikes.

5. Keep your water happy, and your neighbors happy - a well-designed canal dredging project is conducted using studies, surveys and inspections to develop a solution that is feasible and works well with your community. Inaccessible or challenging areas are reached with minimal disruption to surrounding property and in less time with less money than alternative solutions.

Professional Waterfront Cleanup can help you achieve a stunning canal front, click here for a free quote to get started. 

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PWC has been maintaining my lakefront for a few years now and wanted to express my appreciation for their hard work. It’s nice always being able to enjoy our property and our view

Mandy Hampson
April 4, 2019


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