Leave Tree Trimming to the Professionals.

These days, most homeowners are trying to pinch a few pennies– and many prefer to take matters into their own hands. When there is a leaky roof or a tree that needs to be cut down, you might be tempted to handle it yourself instead of paying for professional services. However, just because it’s possible to do the job yourself doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. It actually could be a matter of life and death.

Here’s why:

Ask someone who works in an Emergency Room or Trauma center.  Every day, people who decided to get on a ladder, climb a tree, or trim a tree from their roof show up needing emergency care.  It’s listed as the number one cause of injury and dismemberment in the United States for good reason!  Seasoned Professionals, who (taking every possible safety precaution and perform these tasks daily) are frequently injured as well!  If these guys can easily be hurt, how much more dangerous is it for you?

Tree safety hazards can be difficult to identify. The tree’s branches may appear perfectly healthy, but they could be completely rotted on the inside and break with the slightest pressure. There are also specific trees that are completely unsafe to climb. So, in order to avoid injury, tree professionals use specialized equipment to remove them.

The tools needed to remove trees are dangerous if you’re not completely familiar with them. Hand saws and chainsaws are capable of  inflicting terrible harm.  And so are ladders. People accidentally slip and fall from ladders every day. Add a tree into the mix and one misstep or distraction  could end in disaster.  Professionals use these tools on a daily basis, year round and have specialized training and safety equipment to protect them.

Trees don’t always fall where you want them to.  A simple YouTube search shows untrained folks cutting down trees with unexpected results. The trees fall on their homes, cars, and everything else. The job is not as simple as cutting a wedge from the trunk and trying to predict the fall. You could easily misjudge the tree’s angle. You could also underestimate the height of the tree and cause serious damage to your property or your neighbor’s (resulting in serious liability). Even worse, the tree trunk could come back and hit you from the base.

It happens every day. Trained, experienced professional tree workers are injured on the job, and some of them sadly meet unfortunate ends. Tree work is dangerous work. Your life, property and safety are more important than saving a few dollars. Always leave tree trimming and cutting down trees to professionals with liability insurance.

If you are in need of tree trimming contact the expert crew at Proffesional Waterfront Cleanup. 

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PWC was at my house on Lake Minnehaha in Clermont the last two days. They did an exceptional job! They were thorough, professional, very detail oriented and extremely hard workers. I had a very large section of very thick grass along my shore line. The crew removed every piece of grass, even the small stragglers that were left after the larger removal. I would highly recommend this company and the great men that work for PWC.

Joan Seidman
September 19, 2018


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