These mosquitoes don’t bite.

These mosquitoes don’t bite.

They are swarming around your neighborhoods and do not bite; however, they are in a massive amount of numbers everywhere.  Unlike mosquitoes, blind mosquito females don't bite nor do they carry diseases. These insects are called blind mosquitoes. You may find it surprising, though, that not only are they not blind, they aren't even mosquitoes, but are members of the fly family.

On more than one occasion you will find them swarming you, especially around your head at dusk or dawn. Your conversations may end up coming to a halt while trying to avoid ingesting one. Many people get irritated that the insects stain paint on their homes or cars. Individuals with allergies may find these bugs aggravate their condition.

These pests are attracted to lights during the night, so they can be found near windows and entrances to your home making them a real problem. But not only that they are attracted to light colors, so they will be located in higher concentrations in homes that are lighter in color. These bugs are just alive for three to five days before going to a water source to lay their eggs. The egg batter will sink to the bottom of the water and then hatch into larvae to feed on the organic matter at the bottom of the source of water.

Reduction of fertilizers and other organic debris that gets into ponds is the most effective way to control the blind mosquitoes. A no-treat buffer can be planted in the area between your lawn and the pond to reduce the instances of fertilizers and grass clippings going into surrounding water bodies. Another option is to use copper algaecides to control the food source at the bottom of the pond.

To help divert the bugs at night, you should be turning off your outside lights and closing your curtain or blinds. You can lay out live traps and try switching to a yellow light, which is less attractive to insects.

For more information on these insects, click here. As always, the crew at Professional Waterfront Cleanup is available to help you rid your waterfront of harmful insects, contact us for more information.

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PWC has been maintaining my lakefront for a few years now and wanted to express my appreciation for their hard work. It’s nice always being able to enjoy our property and our view

Mandy Hampson
April 4, 2019


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