Why Golf Course Ponds Should Always Stay on Par.

Golf is arguably Florida's most popular and is enjoyed by residents and tourists of all ages, all year long. Players expect pristine landscape and rolling hills of beautifully manicured scenery when they enjoy their favorite pastime. Because of the many golf courses to choose from throughout Central Florida, course owners must keep it competitive to make their clients happy and safe.

Every pond is in a dying process the moment it is created. Golf course ponds play a major part in the overall aesthetic appeal of a course, and for many reasons, they should always "stay on par." Your pond is merely a holding tank for water so that to irrigate your grounds. Because ponds contain the heaviest concentration of vegetation and weeds, stagnant and shallow water can create significant problems for your entire course.

Unwanted plant life and organic matter travel to the bottom of your pond which will later turn into muck - this situation is not at all inviting to golf course players and can even make playing the game dangerous. Muck contains harmful toxins that will infect your water resulting in unwanted pathogens and out of control weed growth.

Having your golf course pond professionally cleaned and maintained not only improves the look but helps the tiny ecosystem thrive and stay beautiful and clean. A professional service ensures no unwanted hazards lurk in and around the waters and keeps everything up to par.

Contact Professional Waterfront Cleanup to get your golf course ponds up to par today! 

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PWC does a great job with maintaining our waterfront. They are very dependable and have been providing exceptional service for over two years now.

Sherri Kauker
March 3, 2019


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