Why Storm Water Retention Ponds are so Important in Florida.

Why Storm Water Retention Ponds are so Important in Florida.

With daily storms from May through October and as much as 70 inches of rainfall a year during Florida’s wet season, it can cause a lot of damage if the water doesn’t have somewhere to go. This is why retention ponds are so essential to this tropical state.

Retention ponds are basins that catch runoff from higher elevation areas. They are often created near developments and have been gaining in popularity to the point they are now required in many instances with new development of buildings, parking lots and roads.

Residential areas are all too often overlooked when considering stormwater runoff. Many impermeable surfaces such as streets, driveways, sidewalks, walkways and roofs are in residential subdivisions. Retention ponds can capture diverted stormwater runoff from these surfaces.

The ponds provide two primary purposes:

  • To retain the runoff before releasing it into streams. They release the water at flow rates and frequencies similar to those that exist under natural conditions. The flood volume held in a retaining pond reduces the impact on downstream stormwater systems.
  • The second benefit is that they provide pollutant removal through settling and biological uptake.

In order to do this as efficiently as possible, vegetation should be kept to heights that allow inspection for issues such as animal burrows, sinkholes and wet areas along the fill embankments. Common mistakes are not mowing important areas because they are too steep, or ignoring mowing completely. Maintenance is key.

Stormwater retention ponds are one of the most popular means of providing stormwater management throughout most of the United States. Florida, with its six-month rainy season, is at the top of the list for needing them the most.

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Professional Waterfront Cleanup did a great job assessing, clearing & maintaining our lakefront and are knowledgeable about state regulations. However after using them for years, they recently, abruptly dropped us as customers. Without contact, returning phone calls or providing notice, they've ended our business relationship, apparently because we asked the local FWC agent about a neighbor's waterfront project where PWC equipment was being used. Our disappointment with their response (or rather lack of one when we've initiated contact) and the way they abruptly ended our monthly service leads us to question their 'professionalism". Our 5 star satisfaction has dropped to this 3 star use-with-caution review.

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October 19, 2015


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