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Licensed & Insured Aquatic Herbicide Weed Control #CM19510
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PWC works closely with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and local agencies on all aquatic spray projects


Canals are water roadways that connect us with the beautiful and legendary lakes Florida has to offer us. Some canals can go unmanaged leaving it difficult or nearly impossible to maneuver a boat through. It doesn't take long for the lush vegetation to become so thick for even the smallest boat. There is a way to clean out the excess growth leaving you with a clear and remarkable canal and waterside landscape.

Central Florida is known for it's long growing season, and unfortunately some of that growth is the form of aquatic weeds. Every year canals grow unwanted vegetation resulting in boats not being able to access to our local lakes. Professional Waterfront Cleanup will remove all the aquatic weeds and unwanted plant life from your canal allowing boats to navigate the waterways again. We not only clear canals but leave the entire shore area free from debris with a well manicured landscaped so you can be proud of your waterway. We also add stunning locally grown aquatic plant life that will turn any waterside into a pristine paradise.

The highly experienced team at Professional Waterfront Cleanup can remove vegetation and unwanted weeds and growth from even the most difficult areas. We pride ourselves with beautiful waterside getaways and safe, beautiful canals. If your canal has taken a life of it's own we can tame it into the clean and beautiful waterway it was meant to be!