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A lakeside view is a highly sought after commodity here in the heart of Central Florida. Keeping your lake or pond clean and beautiful is more involved than just landscaping. It must stay clear of weeds and debris to prevent unseen health hazards. It doesn't take long for the shores to become over grown becoming a safety issue for anyone who goes near them.
The team at Professional Waterfront clean up has many years of experience of lakefront cleaning and pond cleaning all over Central Florida. You name it, we've seen it and cleaned it! We know in our busy lives some things can go overlooked such as keeping your lake maintained. No job is too big or small for the crew at PWC and we pay special attention to detail, making sure you can enjoy your lakeside view all year long.
Keeping your lakes and ponds clean is an extremely important service when it comes to maintaining your property value, keeping your family safe from pathogens and to stop toxic gases from building up. The aquatic weeds, like duck weed, that build up on your waterfront can be unsightly and create a hazard. The only solution is to remove this unwanted plant life from the bottom of our waterways restoring our ponds and lakes back to their original condition.
Professional Waterfront Cleanup, which services the Orlando Metropolitan area and headquartered in Lake County, performs aquatic spraying and debris cleanup on your lakefront or pond to a more desirable state, giving you that picture perfect image back in no time.
Leave the dirty work to the expert team at PWC and give us a call today!


lake cleaning pond cleaning


lake clearing pond clearing