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Stormwater Retention Ponds

Stormwater Pond Cleaning - Retention Pond Cleaning

Stormwater retention ponds are a very necessary part of water management in Florida. The water runoff from storm drains keeps roads and parking lots from flooding in heavy rains. Stormwater retention ponds that fill up with aquatic weeds, trash, and sediment, hinder the collection of that rain runoff, potentially causing a flooding problem.

Not only is an overgrown retention pond an eyesore, but it can also become a safety issue. Garbage, debris, and overgrown weeds can collect and prevent excess rainwater from draining into it. In turn streets, sidewalks, and yards can become flooded, creating damage and pose a risk to public safety. A neglected retention pond is also a fertile breeding ground for snakes, mosquitoes and yes even alligators!

Have Professional Waterfront Cleanup come out for a free estimate on stormwater pond cleaning and keep the water flowing. We remove all unwanted plant life, debris, sediment, and trash making sure it drains properly and does its job.

Municipalities and Government Agencies tasked with the responsibility of the cleanup and maintenance of our city and county stormwater retention ponds, basins and runoffs need to be sure they are utilizing a reliable and licensed contractor. With an ever increasing population in Florida, aquatic weed and plant management issues need to be addressed to reduce the negative impact on Florida's natural beauty and resources.

Choosing to contract with Professional Waterfront Cleanup – a fully State of Florida licensed contractor benefits Florida's natural resources by first assessing the on-site aquatic weed and plant management needs of each area, providing specific environmentally safe and effective herbicide applications and removal of debris. Also, each area is maintained upon request.

PWC also specializes in the clearing and cleaning out of storm water retention ponds, basins, and runoffs. In Florida, storm water retention ponds play a vital role by preventing flooding and erosion. Stormwater retention ponds improve the quality of local canals, rivers, lakes, and ponds. It is essential that the government agencies responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of these areas ensure that they remain clear and able to retain water. By law in most cases, they are required to stay clear for safety reasons as well as environmental protection.


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