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Tree Trimming

Central Florida is known for the beautiful palm trees and the long Spanish moss that adorns Southern Live Oaks and Cypress trees. Your lakeside retreat should be beautiful and scenic, but if trees are overgrown there isn't much to see. Wetlands should have the right balance of trees and plant life.
Trees are a beautiful addition to the shores of our Florida water ways. They are vital to the delicate aquatic eco-system and some can grow to be very old. Like with all trees, overtime they will become overgrown, blocking your view to your waterfront. Some old limbs become a safety hazard as the hover over pathways or docks.
Professional Waterfront Cleanup trims and prunes your trees to promote stronger, healthier tree growth while giving you back your scenic lake view. We keep your view and the welfare of the trees and wild life in mind. We pride ourselves in achieving a natural look to the trees so you can be proud of your lakeside paradise.