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Licensed & Insured Aquatic Herbicide Weed Control #CM19510
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Proud To Be Eco-Friendly
PWC works closely with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and local agencies on all aquatic spray projects


Florida's diverse array of species of plant and animal life can be attributed to our incredible wetlands. Wetlands are in a transitional state between terrestrial and aquatic systems. Florida is peppered with them and without them we would lose many of the unique and amazing creatures we've come to love. Life in the wetlands depends on the delicate balance of it's eco-system and a complex food chain. It is estimated that 45% of all wetland species are endangered and will continue to be if their homes keep shrinking. Wetlands also support migratory birds during their long journeys in the winter. At Professional Waterfront clean up we value these beautiful aquatic areas and aim to keep them in their natural state.

Professional Waterfront Cleanup has the ability to create, maintenance, restore and protect our Florida wetlands with Eco-Friendly aquatic sprays that is all within the framework of the government regulation. Our team can clean the overgrown weeds and foreign debris that may be choking the native wildlife and create a stunning natural environment to keep it thriving.

If you have wetlands on your property that have become overgrown and unmanageable give the crew at Professional Waterfront Cleanup a call today!